Medical Detox in Lebanon, PA

What's the very first thing you think of when you begin your day? If you think about drugs and where to get them, you could be an addict. Certain drugs, such as caffeine, can be an acceptable part of a normal day. Stealing someone else's prescription pain pills is not. If you or someone you care about is showing symptoms of drug addiction, please don't lose hope. In the 21st century, you can get compassionate and confidential drug detox in Lebanon through the help of Lebanon Alcohol Rehab Centers.

What Is Medical Detox?

Detoxification is a natural process that can be very uncomfortable, especially for persons who have been using drugs for an extended period of time. Fortunately, there are several excellent drug and alcohol detox centers that provide carefully supervised medical detox in Lebanon. Medical detox offers addiction treatment in Lebanon that is able to ease a patient through the most grueling parts of the process.

Detox, whether with guided medical intervention or by "going cold turkey" is an imperative early step on the path to recovery and wellness, explains the National Institute on Drug Abuse. ‘Withdrawal' is the phase in drug detox treatment wherein the addict ceases use of a drug. Opiate pain medications, crack and powder cocaine and methamphetamine are drugs commonly used by people who check into a drug detox treatment facility.

Withdrawal Symptoms to Anticipate During Detox

The first days of the drug detox process can be extremely intense, especially for people who have been using legally prescribed or illegally obtained opiates or other addictive drugs. Within hours of the final dose, the addict experiences agitation, anxiety, and excessive sweating. Eyes water, the body aches, and a general sense of malaise ensues.

As withdrawals progress, symptoms increase exponentially. The addict may experience extreme insomnia along with intense fatigue that can linger for many days. Tremors, shaking, and involuntary leg kicking may happen. The patient may feel too cold one minute and too hot the next. They get "cold sweats" and feel just horrible. This is a dangerous time for an addict. The best course of action for most addicts who wish to get clean is to submit themselves to compassionate medical detox in Lebanon or wherever they happen to be.

Why It's Dangerous to Detox at Home

As mentioned above, withdrawals may be intense and can lead directly to the addict seeking drugs for relief. Illegal drugs will relieve symptoms, but they won't help in the long run. Physical symptoms present during the detox process can cause great suffering. "Cold turkey" is a hard row to hoe. If you want to kick, please contact a center for medical drug detox without delay.

Detoxing from drugs can be hard on your heart and nervous system. If you're at inpatient rehab in Lebanon as you detoxify, you will have medical staff nearby in the event anything goes awry. You will be able to focus on your personal recovery at a medical detox treatment facility.

Should You Enter a Drug Detox Center?

If you spend too much of your time, money, and energy on obtaining and using drugs, and you want your life back, yes you should definitely consider entering a drug detox treatment center. The length of your visit will depend on the kind of drug or drugs you use, how long you've been addicted, and your general state of physical and psychiatric health.

According to the National Institutes of Health, the drug detox process may require ninety or more days in a skilled recovery center. Addicts who avail themselves of outpatient therapy and peer support groups after their stint in a medical detox treatment facility tend to fare better where relapse is concerned. For some people, several go in drug rehab may be necessary to achieve sobriety. Whatever it takes, medical detox in Lebanon can save your life and for that, it is well worth any amount of time and effort. Call Lebanon Alcohol Rehab now for help (618) 215-2276.

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